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Cubify Invent: affordable design tool created just for 3D printing

There are plenty of design tools out there from SketchUp to Autodesk that can be used to create 3D-printable models. But none are really created from the ground up with additive manufacturing in mind. That's where 3D Systems thinks it has an advantage in the crowded CAD market. Cubify Invent, obviously from the makers the Cubify 3D printer, is a beginner-friendly design tool for Windows that lets you quickly and easily spit out your creations in colorful ABS plastics. Those familiar with other CAD tools should have no problems picking up Cubify Invent, while true n00bs can use the included tutorials to learn the ropes. You can download the app at the source link for $50, or just give it a test run as a free trial. PR is awaiting you after the break.

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