Cambridge Technology Boosts Boeing

The design of the new Boeing Everett Delivery Center in Washington utilised Cambridge technology – ArtVPS's Shaderlight rendering software.

The software is being used by architect design practice DLR Group for the Boeing job and others across its 19-strong North American office chain.


The DLR deal is the biggest single Shaderlight order that Cambridge UK based ArtVPS has received to date. DLR Group provides architecture, engineering, planning and interior design services to clients throughout the US and China.

The firm, which has used SketchUp in its design processes since the 3D modelling tool first became available in 2000, has always been an early adopter of new technology.

DLR first started using plug-in and leading rendering tool Shaderlight in July 2011 to create client quality visualisations that SketchUp alone couldn't achieve.

The Seattle team quickly upgraded to Shaderlight v2 when it was launched in September 2011 and hasn't looked back. DLR has now ordered a combination of network and standalone licenses to make Shaderlight available to all of its offices in North America.

One of DLR Group's most recent projects to benefit from Shaderlight is the New Boeing Everett Delivery Center in Washington. The interactive rendering tool was used extensively in the Group's presentations, providing a simple and effective means to visualise their 3D design to photorealistic quality and secure client approval.

DLR Group has worked with a number of 3D tools in the past, including: Revit, 3dsMax, form Z, Viz and Kerkythea. However, the simple interface of Shaderlight and its ability to communicate at a level above SketchUp visuals has made it the rendering tool of choice for the DLR Group.

Steven McKay, senior principal and national design leader at DLR Group said: "Shaderlight enables us to add the 'art' to architecture in client presentations. It's an excellent presentation engine that will enable our teams across the States and China to deliver high quality presentations that compliment the quality of our work. We're looking forward to creating yet more stunning visuals using this tool."

Kate Marshall, marketing director at ArtVPS said: "This sale is a great endorsement of Shaderlight and we are very proud to be helping DLR visualise their fantastic designs.

"The ability to present clients with high quality, photorealistic designs is becoming an essential part of securing client approval for architects and designers today and Shaderlight provides a simple means to do so.

"It is always exciting to see architects ideas created with SketchUp and Shaderlight turn into a physical reality and we look forward to seeing many more from DLR."

PHOTOGRAPH SHOWS: The Boeing Everett Delivery Center

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