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Remodeling with SketchUp - A book by Mike Tadros

Mike Tadros, the principal and co-founder of Igloo Studios and the lead educator for School (, has just published an exclusive training e-book on sketchup which is known as “Remodeling with SketchUp: Measure and Draw Your Existing Space”. The book will be very useful for sketchup users to calculate and draw their existing space. The cost of the book will be $19.99 and it will be obtainable for download on your iPad with iBooks 3.0. One can also get access of the book on its computer with iTunes. The book is written in English and contains total 57 pages.

The book will focus on various time saving methods for professional SketchUp users or newbie SketchUp designers to remodel a project with SketchUp. The SketchUp users will learn to generate a comprehensive 3D model of their existing space with precise measurements.

The book also provides detailed insight into general mistakes related with SketchUp and how to rectify these. The SketchUp users can also learn how to apply escape (pause) and undo (rewind) command within SketchUp more efficiently.

The book facilitates the SketchUp users to enjoy an interactional learning experience with text, images, videos and downloadable SketchUp files.

The potential users can purchase a copy of the book in two different ways:-

Subscribe to online video training library on The users will be able to receive the eBook toward their subscription and get access to the additional 50+ hours of video training.

Purchase the iBook* on iTunes:

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