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Author : Bernard Dhaussy

Realize a complex surface with Sketchup (3)

I recently modeled a jay . There is already a time the same way I made ​​a dragon, " Graoully "emblem of Metz and my school.

leisure can complicate the modeling, but in all cases the principle is the same. That's how I do it to achieve a symmetrical pattern in the same way an airplane (attention, it is not the only method as in any 3D design software).


Firstly create a reference plane dimensions of bird by importing a profile picture as a projected texture.


Draw line segments, close enough, perpendicular to the figure so as to cover the whole body. Delineate the abutments to treat later.


draw a polygon on each segment. I selected a number multiple of an odd number for the upper and lower segments are not perpendicular to the reference plane due to projected textures (here 18 sides). To draw these polygons normal to the reference plane and the axis segment I defined system axis: 1st point on one end, the other end of 2nd, 3rd and map. Thus, a system axis with the blue axis normal to the plane.


It remains to draw the polygon from the middle to one end of the segment. Attention to it is normal to the plane must rotate the view until such time as the silhouette of the polygon is green and maintain (shift key).


Was going to the next segment by repeating the same steps, first redefine the axes and draw the polygon.


It removes parts of polygons behind the plan to a "half-bird."


We can deform a group of "slices" to get his body thickened widest part, with the tool "scale" taking care not to pull on the central grip.


process is performed as a plane extending from each vertex polygons together by the right which thus form triangles.


Was applied the texture of the reference plane on all sides thus formed (ALT + "paint" to retrieve the texture).


To avoid the effect of "spun" faces nearly perpendicular to the reference plane (upper and lower body), it creates a slightly inclined plane with the same texture slightly displaced (must grope) and from this plan is recolorie faces extreme.


Remains to soften the edges (CTRL + "eraser).


Was performed symmetrical half bird copy (CTRL + "move" and then "back along the axis normal to the plane and back to contact departure). Remains to soften the edges of the junction plane.

were performed in the same way the legs and tail to finish.

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