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Sketchup and Photoshop compliment each other

Rajib Dey : Editor-in-chief

The sketchup users can make some grand image effects while combining SketchUp with other design software like photoshop . The users can apply the fog setting in SketchUp to generate a depth map which one can utilize in Photoshop resulting very fascinating effects. The following video tutorial will provide step by step guidance on how to apply sketchup and photoshop for lens blur effect.

Making conference with sketchup

The sketchup and photoshop are also very useful for interior drawing concepts. The interior designers can apply hand sketching techniques with digital tools by combining sketchup and photoshop together to make stunning design and presentations. There is a beautiful book alias “Interior Design Using Hand Sketching, SketchUp, and Photoshop” written by Steven H. Mcneill AIA, LEED AP and Daniel John Stine CSI, CDT which will focus on how to utilize Google sketchup 8 and Adobe Photoshop CS5 to optimize design and presentation skills.

sketchup photoshop

SketchUp is master tool for non-photorealistic output, but to polish your images with greater superiority one can utilize Photoshop to make some attractive effects. The users can go with versatile display modes of sketchup to produce some different styles which can be combined with photoshop to achieve fast and effective results.

sketchup with photoshop

The users can generate a model with SketchUp & transform it to realistic applying Photoshop. SketchUp facilitates to form 3D textured model wherever Photoshop enhances it realistically or even artistically. A variety of advanced tools of Photoshop allow the users to create such models or photos or something like that just what you exactly want.

If we evaluate SketchUp with pencil or brush through which we make a picture, then Photoshop is the color which creates a picture just pragmatic. While SketchUp makes our dreams true, Photoshop turns the truth rather better condition which is just beyond our expectation or rather to say Photoshop renovate our dream in real.

Photoshop is the other name of completeness. It alters the ugly or uncomfortable things into beautiful & comfortable one. Briefly, the combination of SketchUp & Photoshop enables us feeling relieved & relaxed.

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