My Story with Sketchup

Suresh Tamang

Hi friends, me Suresh Tamang. I am from country of Himalayans “NEPAL”. I am the Managing Director of Chitwan Design Consultant (P) Ltd, Chitwan, Nepal. I am so happy to share my story about “My favorite Software AutoCAD, sketch up and V-ray engine.”

3D office building

Well, I was raised in engineering environment. My father was civil contractor in the local area of Nepal so he used to have a lot of building drawings in his office. Seeing those drawings I used to be very curious, being inspired by my father’s work I used to copy (trace) sketch, in spite of the knowledge of engineering and architecture.

My colleagues, elders inspired and motivated me for the great wishes in future. After completing my high school education, I assisted my father in his job. Being an interested fellow in engineering I started my drawing profession in 1996 A.D., back then drawings was done by pencil. In the mid of 2001A.D. I heard about the CAD, since then I used CAD to draw building sketch.

Evining scene by sketchup

I entered in the world of 3D-Design in 2006 A.D. I thought to get training in 3D-Max, but my colleague Ar. Rara K.C. told me about Google Sketchup.

I started searching everywhere about sketchup, I googled, watched youtube videos and read many tutorials on sketchup to gain as much knowledge as I can get. I can say I learn it on my own effort. The total credit goes to youtube and google which helped me a lot. Since then I used sketchup as my primary software to make 3D model, and I have never stopped learning.

sketchup farm house

Since 2009, “Chitwan Design Consultant” (P) Ltd. has been established by jointly (Me and My collogue Er. Sanjay Chandra Neupane) in Chitwan, Nepal. Up to now we have developed many designs for our company by sketch up. We believe in team work “A Complete Engineering Solution and clients’ satisfaction is our satisfaction” is our motto.

kitchen living interior

Ultimately, I would like to thank to technology, sketchup which helped me to be a professional, improve my ideas and help to show my quality. “Sketch up your space “, is highly appreciated to provide opportunity to share my feeling.

meeting hall using sketchup
swimming scene using sketchup

“Abilities, curiosity and morality derive to be successful person”:- Mr. Sherman Tamang, social worker (My father)