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Author : Alexandre "abav" Villares

Draw a stair using the “multiple copies” feature!

Something every SketchUp user should know, as it’s a huge modeling time-saver, is how to create multiple copies of an object with the move tool. This is sometimes called a “linear array” on other software.
We think it’s a cool way of creating a stair:

Draw a stair

Draw a rectangle and make it into a volume using Push/Pull; Select your newly created stair thread element and press G to make it into a component.

Draw a stair

Pick the  Move Tool, press and release Ctrl on your keyboard and use the mouse to create a copy as shown.

Draw a stair

Just after clicking to finish the first copy, type the number of copies you want followed by  X or * and press Enter.

Draw a stair

Done, a basic stair using multiple copies.

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