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Sketchup Plugin Review

Rajib Dey - Editor-in-chief


Raylectron is a simple, fast and a powerful photorealistic rendering plugin for Sketchup.

It works entirely inside Sketchup, and the rendering process free Sketchup so you can continue working on your model.

"Raylectron does not need any editing by other graphic software (such as Photoshop) to produce photorealistic renders"


  • The material editor is simple, yet powerful. Refraction, reflection, shininess, glossiness, light power and emitting angle etc.
  • Rendering can be done in many different ways to achieve the result you are looking for. Ray tracing, Path tracing and Photon tracing. Ambient occlusion for shadow, or true shadows and more.
  • The render let you view your model as if viewed inside Sketchup. You can rotate/pan/resize and even edit your materials/lights outside Sketchup, no need to re-export your model.
  • Start/Stop lets you fine-tune your lights/materials and camera position.
  • Resume capability should you need to stop the render. You can save the render to file and re-load it later to continue rendering.
  • Save Configuration. No need to re-export from SketchUp once you have exported it once already. Very fast to load.
  • Output can be any size depending on your system available memory. Save as JPG, PNG, PSD, HDR and many more formats.
  • Save as transparent background so you can use the images on any background you like, including on web sites.
  • Network render. Unlimited number of nodes and very easy to setup.
  • Plus many more feautures...
  • Free, no restrictions of any kind, except for a faint watermark, or $99.95 USD.
  • For the PC only, Mac Coming soon.



For More Screenshot

Visit Website for Detail:

Download Raylectron plugin for Sketchup

For 64 bit:
For 32bit:

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