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Sketchup ur Space has started its journey from September 2010. And it is celebrating its first anniversary in this month. In this happy occasion we look back of the old time and memorized all the 12th editions of Sketchup ur Space. I still remember the day when we thought to launch the SketchUp a magazine. First of all it is quite a tough job to choose an appropriate name for it. After many discussions we choose the name Sketchup ur Space just because it suited the theme of our magazine. After choosing the name we started to work on the details of magazine. Here we discuss some of the old memory of each edition.

September 2010: September 2010 was our first issue. And the first child is always special. So that issue. There were lots of mistakes on that issue but it was very very special. Our first edition had two versions flash and pdf. And that issue had only fourteen pages. In those pages we had the cover story on different features of SketchUp, guest articles, one blog and one Tips and Tricks article. The first guest article was written by our in-house writer Rajib Dey and the other was by Justin Anderson. And our first tips and tricks was how to build a perfect garden shade with the help of SketchUp.

October 2010: On our 2nd issue we focused on the importance of SketchUp in the world of architects. Here we discussed how SketchUp has become an integral part of the architectural industry. Kendal Wayland and Eike Thiele introduced two SketchUp plug ins: Laser Scanning and IES on that issue. The blog of Dennis Fukai on augmented construction communication was the treasure for our magazine. From that edition we introduced top up article which discussed the super success of 3D Base camp of September, 2010.

November 2010: The November issue of Sketchup ur Space carried out the theme of SketchUp plug ins. Justin Anderson described in this issue how technology education can be flourished with the help of SketchUp. Albert Hart contributed two articles on attribute and reporting in SketchUp and Lighting channel for rendering in the November issue. Jim Leggitt’s blog was first appeared in November. Apart from that our regular blog post was on how SketchUp can be used in film making. In the Tips and Trick section there was a tip on how to install render engine in SketchUp. A list of plug ins of SketchUp was there for reader’s convenience.

December 2010: The last issue of 2010 came with a classic look just like Santa himself brought the gift for our beloved readers. Photo realistic rendering was the theme of that festive season. Keith Tully, Becky Lamont and Susan Schlenger put some awesome effort to deliver fine writing pieces on different subjects like the assistance of SketchUp, using SketchUp in landscape designing and how Shaderlight revolutionized SketchUp rendering. The review of render plug in got a great response from the readers. The blog showed how to redesign your home in the festive season with the help of SketchUp. among the then news we choose the inclusion of Google SketchUp among Google Apps for its relativity.

January 2011: The new year of 2011 brought to us a brand new Sketchup ur Space issue. On that issue we got a review of the year 2010 through the eyes of SketchUp. David A Pillsbury described how to integrate SketchUp into once normal design process. Jean-Luc Clause describes SketchUp as the world culture. A nice case study of Eric Schimelpfening, the kitchen and bath designer and owner of on SketchUp and Shaderlight was an interesting piece to read. On our blog we discussed on energy analysis plug in of SketchUp. There were effective tips to draw the floor plan with the help of SketchUpon the Tips and Tricks column. London 3D Project reserved the Top Up Article place on that new year special edition.

February 2011: February issue of 2011was a grand issue. That time we focused SketchUp 8 which was released in September Base Camp. A descriptive story on SketchUp 8 helped the readers to understand all the attributes of SketchUp 8. James Hannigan and Hussain Fadlallah gifted us awesome articles on SketcHup Style, photo editing application and many more. On our blog we discussed on a relevant topic 3D printing which getting its popularity day by day. There were nice tips to draw 3D text in SketchUp.

March 2011: March was the time to celebrate St. Patrick Day. On that issue we talked about SketchUp Animation. It is a very useful tool to get better understanding. Lots of articles from Eike Thiele, Hussain Fadlallah, Hendy Harmawan Jean-Luc Clause enriched the March issue. Apart from that a descriptive story on London 3D Project was worth reading. SketchUp was hugely used in the making of the super hit film Avatar and that was the topic of the blog of March issue of Sketchup ur Space. Jim Leggitt showed some wonderful tricks on SketchUp styling. On the Tips and Tricks article was on how to do SketchUp animation properly.

April 2011: For several months we got complains that many readers were having problem in the flash book. For that reason we closed the flash book publication. But that was not enough. Sketchup ur Space was an integral part of but from the April issue we had launched a separate website, only for the magazine. In this totally new avatar we introduced Interview section to know the SketchUp designers well. Our first guest was Man O Pan, the Google featured geo modeler. We had a nice chit chat there. Apart from that the cover story of the April magazine was the Building Maker, the integrated part of SketchUp. We got a bunch of writers in this issue. Some of them were new and some were our old friend. Albert Hart and Hussain Fadlallah were our quite a bit regular writers but Luca Dal Molin and Evrim Pekaslan wrote first time for Sketchup ur Space. Apart from these there were blogs, tips and tricks and Top Up article.


May 2011: Our May issue was discussed on a very important SketchUp topic, the Authorized Training Centre or ATC for Google SketchUp. Here you can find not a profound discussion on ATC for Google SketchUp but also get short description on each and every ATC. The interview of James Ogston, the director of seeit3d, the oldest ATC of UK helped the reader to understand how to run an established ATC and successfully teach SketchUp. SketchUp writer Bonnie Roskes showed a nice way to render in Kerkythea. Susan Sorger and Anil Nimesh told us about their respective ATCs. We informed the readers the details of SketchUp course every ATC offers. Interview of Alex Roman gained huge popularity that time.

June 2011: In June we choose a contradictory topic – the capability of SketchUp to be used as BIM tool. We got lots of responses on our cover story in that month. SketchUp teacher and visual artist Nomer Adona was our guest in the interview session. This multi tasker man not only informed us his vision on SketchUp but also wrote a beautiful tutorial on Ivy plugin. Bonnie Roskes taught us some nice tricks on dragon curve fractal in Google SketchUp. Hussain Fadlallah showed us an important relationship between AutoCAD and SketchUp. Jonathon Ignas, Emo Asitwan and Zernan Suarez described their experience about SketchUp.

July 2011:  Augmented Reality or AR was a hot cake in the 3D designing world. And we had concentrated on the subject for our July issue. The writer of many SketchUp books and our guest columnist Bonnie Roskes was our Interview Guest for that issue. AR Media, a AR plug in developer company described the detailed attributes of their products. Hussain Fadlallah delivered another master piece from his collection. On our blog section Jim Leggitt added the glamour quotient by his flair writing skill. We also discussed on the history and the background of SketchUp.

August 2011: Our 12th issue on the row was focused on K12 Education Program of SketchUp. Andrew Telker with his interesting chit chat and exclusive thought had made the interview section really interesting. Another interview of Erik Holman was worth reading. Bonnie Roskes again wrote a beautiful article on spaceship to Mars with the help of SketchUp. John Clemons and Sandaruwan were our other two guest writers. Blog on how SketchUp has been used to rebuild Shark and Ray touch Tank.


This the story of Sketchup ur Space in making. Hope that this will help you to cherish the good old days.

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