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Tips on Building a perfect Garden Shed

Building a perfect garden shed that will enhance the beauty of your garden is a tough job. The reason is that the shed should match with the tuning of your garden as well as not doing any harm to the plants nearby. The design of the shed must add beauty to your garden. So it is a real headache to choose the right type of garden shed. But don’t forget, you are now living in the era of cutting-edge technology. So there are lots of gadgets to help you on this mission. Among many designing programs, Google Sketchup stands tall in the league. It is really exciting to have a fore-view of your garden shed just as it will be once built and the 3D technology of Google Sketchup programming has made this possible.

First of all, you have to select a design as per your choice. You may surf on Internet or simply go to the Google Warehouse to get up to date as well as classy designs. While choosing the design always keep in mind that the shed must have usability and not a fashion statement only. After choosing your design you just have to use some features within Google Sketchup to make a virtual shed for your garden on your computer screen.

Now you can draw your garden and along with this your preferred shed design. You can easily draw this with the help of the tools like Edges and Faces of Google Sketchup. Once you are satisfied with the design, you can make the design into 3D form by the tool Push/Pull in a few seconds. By adding a new dimension in to your drawing, you can have a proper idea about how your garden shed will look like after completion. After visualization of 3D model of your future shed, you can decide whether you want this type of shed or something different.

After figuring out the 3D model, you can add colors as per your preference on the shed. You can use the Paint option to choose colors from a vast color palette. Simple coloring looks good if painted with creativity. After completing your shed, you can see the design from all angles and make addition or alteration on that design using Sketchup. You also can add some beautiful furniture from Google Warehouse like a deck chair or a nice swinging chair with it. Moreover, you can arrange 3D plants around the shed from the catalog of Google Sketchup. 

These steps will allow you to gain a vivid idea about your garden shed. And this way Sketchup definitely makes your work easier and cost effective. This will also lessen the chance of architectural mistake in the shed. So, with the assistance from Google Sketchup, you can have a beautifully designed garden shed without investing much money and efforts.

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