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Say Hi! to the Different Features of Google Sketchup

Sketchup is the most useful and popular 3D designing software available in the market today. It is very easy to understand and has a treasure trove of excellent applications. It is really awesome to have a foresight of your dream project far before it has actually started. There are lots of applications available in this software. So let's have a look:

Edges and Faces: These are the two basic tools for drawing included in the Sketchup program. One can draw a line which is called Edge and when several edges are created a 2D shape is formed called Face. In this way, you can easily draw the diagram of any model.

Push/Pull: After creating a 2D diagram, it takes a blink to change it into 3D by the Push/Pull technology. This Sketchup patented tool can transform a rectangle to a box with the toggle of a mouse.

Accurate Measurement: You can add the accurate measurement to get a scaled view of your project. Additionally you can export your geometry into other programs like AutoCAD and 3dz MAX in Sketchup Pro.

Follow Me: Follow Me is a unique tool of Google Sketchup which helps in drawing an object, when only half of the object is drawn. For example, if you want to draw a ball, you will just have to draw the half of the circle and the Follow Me tool will automatically draw the other part.

Paint Bucker: The need to paint an object is fulfilled from the huge color palette of the Paint Bucker.

Group and Component: By using the Group and Component tool of Sketchup you can easily create sub-object which can be moved easily.

Shadow: To make your model more real, you can add shadow by the use of Shadow Engine of Google Sketchup.

Section: You can view the inside of your design by the excellent tool named Section. It temporarily cuts down a part of your design through which you can see the detailing of the inside.

Scenes: This is a unique tool that can be used to make animation. A series of images can be given motion with the help of this tool.

Look around and Walk: If you want to have a first person experience, then Look Around and Walk will enable you to virtually walk through the design.

Dimension and Level: Dimension and Level tool of Sketchup helps you to add dimension, annotation and other many other glamorous items to your model.

There are lots of other features of Sketchup namely, Sandbox tool, 3D Warehouse, importing 3D and images. But the best feature of this program is that it is very user-friendly. All of these features make Sketchup, the best 3D design software. It will definitely help you to visualize dream before completing.

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