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Sketchup in Film Making

SketchUp is the ultimate tool for concept art people in the movie industry to visualize the scene realistically and create a better understanding of the script. Story boarding and pre-visualization are crucial elements for the cinematographer, art directors and director. SketchUp is one of the easiest and an excellent solution for that.

Whenever the art director has to design a set, they usually make drawings of the set on paper. And you have to agree, this is a tedious and complex job to do. It is also very difficult to make those last minute changes to a drawing that you get within this design process. SketchUp is the one stop solution for all of the above problems and pitfalls. With just a few quick clicks using your mouse, and putting it all together on your computer screen, the 3D set is ready with the simplicity of SketchUp. Along with the incredible speed of the project, the accuracy of a SketchUp drawing, it can be a blessing for the set designer. Now they can make 3D drawings for each scene and can view the models from each and every angle to add all the necessary detail.

SketchUp is also a very important tool for the cinematographer. With the pre-visualization of the scene in SketchUp and viewing it from every angel they can determine the exact camera angle and lenses enabling them to capture the right mood of the movie. Proper lighting for the shot, adjustment of the crane, position of the trolley for camera movement, the placement of the boom and many more pieces of equipment, can be easily determined from the 3D images of that scene. SketchUp is also very helpful to plan the shot and sequences.

The art director can add the right kind of décor for the shoot and get a better understanding of the set before designing. With the help of the SketchUp 3D drawings they can select the right texture, color, furniture and other furnishings like curtains, doors, windows, that will suit the theme of the story. The art director can view the set with different textures, colors; can adjust the position and type of furniture in the SketchUp models. When they have a clear idea about everything in the film, they will have completed a good preparation of the set, thus bringing out the right feel for the movie in the development stages.

For example; if you are preparing to make a movie based on a story set in medieval times, the total set including the color use, texture of walls, furniture and furnishings must obviously reflect the flavor of the medieval age. Modern furniture would definitely not be suitable for this scenario. In this position, SketchUp is an important way out for this problem. With the help of the SketchUp, a medieval set up appropriate for the story can quite easily be designed, using appropriate components with a minimum amount of fuss.

SketchUp can be utilized to create animations and visuals, integrating special effects in the movie. The story board and floor plan can also be prepared by it. The error rate and mistakes can be cut down by SketchUp because it produces good accurate results. It also reduces the expenditure of the production. That’s why you could say ‘SketchUp is the ideal tool’ for making realistic 3D design decisions in the movie, quickly and effectively.

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