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Lighting design for pediatric practice AOK Berlin with 3D laser scanning planned

Laser Scanning for the lighting design
The lighting designer light rooms have modern pediatric practice of the AOK in Berlin created a stunning lighting design. The duo has already implemented Muralter Gercek and many great projects, such as for the German Institute for Standardization (DIN). Fatih Gercek lichtraeume of the company is including for the AOK Berlin - Brandenburg worked as lighting designer.

Laser Scanning for the Control Survey
To obtain a precise dimensions of the premises and thus to plan the design followed exactly, a 3D laser scanner was used. Laser Scanning Europe took over the measurement of pediatric practice. By means of scanning errors were discovered in the drywall and all installations are tailored to the dimensions.

Allowance for the interior design and furniture design
Thus was also the optimum effect of the lighting concept of lichtraeume no more obstacles. The dimensions of the AOK specifically for pediatric practice-made furniture could through the 3 - to determine the exact laser scanning. The furniture fits this exactly to the rounded walls of the practice.

Also provide the results of the laser scanning the client the possibility of controlling and also an accurate and complete basis for planning. Any unauthorized construction tolerances can be immediately detected and corrected then, so arise in the course of the work no complications.

Laser scanning provides predictability and reduced costs:
By the millimeter measurements installations, all designed accordingly and thus costs can be avoided. This is particularly advantageous in difficult construction projects.

Laser scanning provides not only safety but also an optimal and unique solution for precise planning - no matter which project.

It has shown once again how big the range of possible applications of laser scanning. The magnificent light concept of the Berlin company of Design Matters is now a highlight of the AOK in pediatric practice.

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