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Attributes and Reporting in SketchUp

Google SketchUp is primarily used to create 3D objects – either models of buildings or any other objects. However, some SketchUp users use SketchUp to combine components into larger models. Examples of this would be to use components – such as boards, pipes, connectors, etc. to create objects – such as a deck or boat dock, or so place existing components such as kitchen appliances or furniture into a room or building.

There types of component base models often lend themselves to simple counts and other reports

Dynamic Component Report

There are a couple of simple tools available for enumerating objects. One is the Dynamic Component report build into SketchUp.

If you select Report from the File menu in SketchUp you will get a comprehensive report of all components in the model. This repost becomes rather large and unwieldy because it lists every component and sub-component is listed with all of its attributes.


If you want more control of components, attributes and report formats, there are plugins such as SpaceDesign to let you define your reports.


Attribute values can be defined and stored in Component Definitions, or entered by the user by right clicking on any instance of a Component and entering values.

Dynamic Component attributes are automatically available for query or reporting.

Setup Wizard

SpaceDesign has a setup wizard which you use to define which attributes you want to work with. You can also create new attributes – such as Extended Cost in this example – which is the Count, (number of instances of the component in the model), times the cost per unit.

Report Wizard

The Report Wizard lets you specify the size and order of fields on the report, how many level to drill into sub-components, etc.

PDF Report

The report is created as a PDF file which include a view of the model as well as the report.

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