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Concept 3D


For concept3D, training is never just about the training. They believe a designer's life is about constant learning, networking, having confidence and most importantly having fun. They know any training is just a small cog in a larger machine, but Concept 3D is ready to be that important small cog that catalyzes the workflow.

In addition to being active participants in the Google Earth and Google SketchUp blogosphere, concept3D works with firms throughout Minneapolis and Boulder offering their Brownbag Training Series. It is a great way to stay connected with the design community and to see first hand the issues and concerns of cutting edge designers.

Being designers ourselves, we appreciate not just the price of time but the value of time. The concept3D Sixty Second Series is a collection of free training videos authored with that appreciation in mind. We became concerned trying to find online training that was high quality, succinct, and useful so we decided to make our own.

The short version of all this is that we learn when you learn. concept3D is exceedingly equipped to create amazing models for you with our modeling services. Now we are intensely interested in teaching you how to model with our education initiative.

here is definitely a wealth of knowledge and a variety of training solutions with all the Google ATCs out there. The core strengths of concept3D's training are that our trainers have not only been teaching SketchUp & Google Earth since 2002, they use both applications (and many more) on real-world projects daily. The extensive concept3D library on the 3D Warehouse clearly illustrates that. We work with our students before and after each training to offer the best overall training experience. An hour of time is dedicated to each hands-on, full-day class specifically for questions, answers and custom training.


Courses offer:

  • Private Custom Training $495
  • Live Classes in Minneapolis, MN $395
  • Foundation SketchUp
  • Advanced SketchUp
  • Geo+Modeling

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