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SketchUp Authorized Training Centre: The Right Step to Begin

A Google SketchUp Authorized Training Centre is capable of providing certificates to train the core Google SketchUp and Google Earth Pro Classes. If any budding 3D artists want to learn to draw on the world in 3D as well as industry tricks and secret, he has to find out an ATC near his location. Google Earth has the immense opportunity in the field of 3D modeling and Google SketchUp is the right tool to cooperate with. The SketchUp ATC caters not only to architects, engineers, designers, planners, developers, construction companies and interior designers but also to any newbie designers or general people.

There are more than 50 Google SketchUp Authorized Training Centre all over the world. There are various types of course available in all the ATC all the year long. You can check the websites of your preferred ATC to know the schedule of the course. We all know that, SketchUp is quite a user friendly application which does presume comfort with mousing skills like any other complex CAD programs. There are different categories of the course depending up on the computer proficiency of the user. For the users who don’t have much comfort using the mouse can join the beginner’s class. Like wise there are different courses in the all ATC depending on the skill.

Any Google Authorized Training Centre has the right to arrange the following courses on SketchUp:

  • LayOut 3: In the class of LayOut 3 the students learn the strategies and techniques to effectively and efficiently present 3D SketchUp models in digital and print version. This course is intended for new SketchUp users or who is keen to learn the basic of the magic 3D tool.
  • SketchUp Essential I: If anyone wants to learn the basic of SketchUp, then this course is for him or her. The nitty gritty of the root level can be learned from this course.
  • SketchUp Essentials II: This course is meant for those who have the basic knowledge and skill on SketchUp. Generally this is the next step of the budding designers after the general introduction in the SketchUp Essentials I course.
  • SketchUp for Geomodeling: In the course of SketchUp for Geomodeling, the students are provided with a comprehensive overview of the process and benefits of exploring the interoperability of SketchUp and Google earth.
  • SketchUp Advanced Skills: As the name suggests this course is for the experienced SketchUp users who want to acquire more advance topic area like working with CAD, creating curved surfaces and employing advance presentation techniques for Sketchup models.
  • SketchUp Advanced Landscape: The Advance Landscape class is designed for those SketchUp users who want to create custom face-me plant material, import and export models to Google Earth, utilize the usage of various plug ins and Ruby Scripts, model terrain and understand advanced techniques working with large files.

Any institution must pass through all the required fields in order to participate in the program. To have an ATC you must have the certificate to train the core Google SketchUp and Google Earth Pro. According to Google there are many benefits for the training centers to acquire the Google SketchUp ATC status:

  • Access all the Google ATC training materials: The ATC can have the access to all the training material to provide the right information and guidance to the budding SketchUp designers.
  • Permission to use the Google ATC logo: The ATC has the permission to use the prestigious Google ATC logo for their institution.
  • Certificate and Other Promotional Materials for Display in Business: The ATC has the right to certificate and other promotional materials for display in business.
  • Free listing on the Google Authorized Training Center webpage: All the ATC has the opportunity to enlist their names on the Google Authorized Training Centre webpage.
  • Free professional software licensing for 10 student workstations: The free promotional software licensing is available for 10 student workstations.

To be eligible for the Google Authorized Training Centre there are the following requirements to meet:

  • $5000 enrollment fee for first year, $2500 yearly renewal fee.
  • All classes on Google products must be delivered by instructors that have been certified by Google.
  • All instructors must complete an online product knowledge exam and receive Google approval on class presentation skills.
  • Classes must be held in a company-managed training facilities.

There are 52 Google Authorized Training centers all over the world. United State of America has nine (9) ATCs like School, The Art Institute of Colorado, Concept 3D and many more. Many eminent SketchUp artists like Paul lee, James Ogston, Denis Bolomier are the part of various ATCs to teach and guide the budding SketchUp designers. The Authorized Training Centers help to guide the wannabe SketchUp artist in a proper way. Apart from this, it is also helpful to spread SketchUp awareness among all the general people – for whom SketchUp was especially made.    

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