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Since 2005 Polzin have expanded their product range with SketchUp, because they appreciate happy customers. SketchUp why customers are happy? Because they've been waiting for something like SketchUp! But we should ensure that a bit wider perspective.

Whether the customers want only to illustrate their offers or publish gigantic projects in Google Earth do, SketchUp is always there. Inexpensive, easy to learn and it's absolutely addictive. SketchUp to sniff (but stripped down and only for private use) is available on the Internet for free download from Google. SketchUp Anyone who would like to take commercial orders, with us a free CD and can with the demo version (see above) may already realize his first project. CAD professionals see the full version of all interfaces to pass data to Earth to their CAD system or vice versa. Symbol libraries, collections of textures and workshops to supplement our service complete SketchUp. Oh yes: SketchUp costs only 373 EUR Update 72 EUR) excl. To order tax in our web shop.

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Sketchup-ur-space Magazine - June 14

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