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Hangzhou DianSai Digital Technology Co.,Ltd.

Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Code game is a high-tech development zone in Hangzhou incorporated in computer software agents, development, sales and technical service-based high-tech enterprise, the company is currently double-soft-certified enterprise in Zhejiang Province.

Course Description:

Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Code game software, Google SketchUp, as authorized dealers in China, ATC, has been committed to SketchUp software industry in the design industry and the promotion of education, training and technical services. Google SketchUp Google software training courses to the official guide for all curriculum-based, combined with domestic sketchUp software developed by the actual application, certified by the company's technical instructor by Google for relevant professionals to provide professional SketchUp software, the system of learning. All are with the real case application skills to teach, so that students can more realistically with the actual work and study questions linked encountered. Through the application of training, students can truly recognize the power of the software, fast and practical skills to improve their personal level of applications in SketchUp, the real productivity gains and creative levels.

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Sketchup-ur-space Magazine - June 14

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