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Entourage Arts

Entourage Arts is the only source dedicated to providing Architects and Illustrators with Clip Art: quality Non Photorealistic Entourage Elements for use in conceptual or formal renderings. Our alpha masked "cutouts" are created by artists from around the world to exacting standards that cannot easily be matched by individual renderers within the time constraints of most Architectural Illustration projects.

Located just outside of Toronto, Canada, Entourage Arts is owned and operated by Susan Sorger, MBA, ASAI (American Society of Architectural Illustrators). Susan's Architectural Visualizations have been featured on related software and Architectural forums such as CG Architect and Piranesi. A recent 4 page article written by Susan on rendering techniques using Piranesi appears in the quarterly magazine published by the ASAI.

Licensed from Google SketchUp* and identical to their classes in the USA:

Essentials I
Essentials II

Entourage Arts provides Advanced classes created in-house and unique to Canada
The Appendix to the class Manual includes some exercises from the "SketchUp* 7 Advanced Exercises" by Bonnie Roskes:

Advanced Skills I
Advanced Skills II

Finally, they also offer Corporate training for customers who would prefer to receive training at their facility and Private & Semi-Private Training for Individuals. Scheduling of Private training is treated on a case-by-case basis. To request a quote or additional information

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Sketchup-ur-space Magazine - June 14

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