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ATC's from Google Beikoku certified trainers, and serve as a certified training instructor.

SketchUp Google SketchUp pro while using the 3D features introduced will continue to conduct exercises. Beginners Training, SketchUp drawing exercises and the basic description of the command. Practical training is done with useful exercises.

Often comes out in the text "Google Certified Trainer ATC, Inc." Google is officially and can train staff to use text that is certified training company. In Japan, four of our current ATC trainers. To become a trainer is teaching training provision Google, Inc. (US) after receiving staff training, the training actually Google, Inc. (US) conducted before the staff training has been given only to those who passed. ATC training of trainers is the only company in Japan.

Currently, Google is the company they do ATC certified trainers.

Course offer:

  • Beginners Course
  • Beginner - Intermediate Course
  • Practical Course
  • Course Presentation
  • Podium Render Course

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