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Unlike other distributors of software who are in the retail business, Kevin Hui actually has been using SketchUp Pro pretty much everyday for his work since 2002.

SketchUp Pro is an amazing design tool that is intuitive to use, therefore allowing you to focus on the design task rather than thinking about how to draw it.

Kevin also runs an Architecture+Design forum called [pushpullbar]2, originally based on the design exploration capabilities of SketchUp Pro.


One of the best way to learn SketchUp Pro is to watch the VIDEO TUTORIALS online to get started.

As there is no one prescribed way to use this versatile program, he currently does not offer conventional training. What he does offer is consultation with your company in order to gain an understanding of the following:

- type of work you do
- what is your current workflow
- available programs
- staffs' skills+abilities
- things you want to achieve with SketchUp Pro

The advice o you on the most appropriate methods and techniques in SketchUp Pro to suit your business.

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Sketchup-ur-space Magazine - June 14

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