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Confession of an Admirer

Hi everyone !! My name is Hendy Hermawan. I'm 25 years old and Indonesian. My profession is an architect and interior designer. As we all knew, this profession always need a good software, either 2D or 3D. From this article, I want to share some of my experience with Google SketchUp.

I'm the big fan of Google SketchUp

Though there are many software available in the industry I'm using is Google SketchUp most of the time. Almost 4 years I've been using it, since the 4th version of it. And almost everyday, I'm using Google SketchUp in case of basic design, detail design, and even 3D visualisation (using V-ray). And also I'm using it to give a presentation to my clients. And most of my clients are very interested and also can understand my presentation about the design very well.

Virtual Maquette

10 years ago, maybe the architects usually used maquette to explain their designs to the clients. But nowadays, I can use a "virtual maquette". This can be done with Google SketchUp. Now I can bring this maquette to everywhere I go (using a notebook of course). Maybe when I create the real maquette, I find really hard to make a revision again and again. But with Google SketchUp I can change the dimension, colour, or some materials with a glance. So effective, and make me more productive so I can make the better quality of design with less time.

3D Presentation

Nowadays, the clients need a good design. But, how can this be done before the real building has been built? I'm using Google Sketchup to make the 3D visualisation. With the help of V-ray plug in for SketchUp, I find it really satisfied to me as well as to my clients. So, I hope this software can make a better improvement in the future.


From the 4 years my experience using Google SketchUp, i'm really satisfied with this software. It helps me doing my hard job, makes my clients satisfied, and also makes my engineer can understand the detail of my design. One software, but i can make a different function of it. Thanks a lot to Google SketchUp !! At last but not least, thanks to Debarati who gives me an opportunity to write this article.

Note : The design of the image is completely design by myself

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