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Author : Jean-Luc Clauss

SketchUp As World Culture

SketchUp As World Culture

Search until you find it. Sky is the limit ! 

As an architect and a SketchUp trainer, I am using our favorite software for many years. 

Practical and simple, SketchUp is the way to reach my goal. When I have a problem about modelization, I seek solution to overcome it. And if I feel that I am in a dead end, sure that the SketchUp community will give me a hand showing tricks and tips. The other possibility is to get a plug in which solve my problem. Plug ins extend the possibilities of SketchUp. Thanks to the abilities and kindness of programmers many plug ins are now available for free. 

To create plugins you need to know the Ruby language. But there is another way to contribute and help the SketchUp users. If you are interested in computer programming let me counsel you to begin by creating Dynamic Component. No computer language is required. Share your component and upload it to Google Warehouse database or just sell your best components or plugins on internet! 

Using SketchUp is like hitching your wagon to a star 

Furthermore; Google SketchUp makes sense to globalization. SketchUp allows us to share the best of each culture of the world through the world wide web. SketchUp is synonym to passion; it brings joy, happiness, friendship and self-help, and improves your English at the same time. 

No need to convince you that SketchUp is one of the famous software in the world. Discover it and you will see. LayOut? Let us focus on it. LayOut is part of SketchUp Pro. Moreover, SketchUp free version is bright enough for geomodeling and pictures outputs. On the other hand, only LayOut provides professional presentation to be printed and shared via jpeg, pdf or dwg for example. 

SketchUp is a young software. I am confident of its evolution in the future. Joining the SketchUp user's group will change the way you consider 3D modelling and also your view of the world. 

Jean-Luc Clauss 
Architect and SketchUp Trainer 
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