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In 2010, Sketchup ur Space was born with a promise. The promise was to create a piazza for all the SketchUp artists of the world and to lend a helping hand to the budding 3D designers to make their way silk smooth. To backup and strengthen the promise we are once again want to give you another platform to flourish their skills. And SketchUp Talk is the place to be. Sketchup ur Space brings to you SketchUp Talk, a forum for SketchUp.

Todays world men have become quite busy. They don’t have time to talk with their friends. And it is far more tough to find a friend of like mind. And internet forum is the anwer to this problem. Internet makes us the inhabitants of the global village. And your computer monitor has become your chat room, your discussion table. In the online forum, the users can make conversations in the form of posted message. Online forums are quite different from chat rooms where messages are temporarily available and to particiapate in the chat you have come to online. But in the forum you can start a discussion, reply to any discussion or see the reply of your discussion whenever you want. In some forums the posted message of the users need to be approved by a moderator before it becomes visible to all.

But SketchUp Talk is not like that. You will have not wait for our approval to disseminate your message. We know that our members are quite sensible and responsible that they will not post anything abusive there. And if anybody post such things our Board of Moderators will remove the post and take required action against it. But we hope that all the members of SketchUp talk will post with dignity and SketchUp Talk will be able to make a place in the heart of all the SketchUp folks.  

In every forum there are some authentic jargon like the single conversation is called a “Thread”. Whenever you start a discussion under any topic you will start a Thread. In the tree like stucture of forum there are many sub forum under which threads can be created. In SketchUp Talk, there are tweleve different sub forums. They are:

  • Discussion Board of SketchUp

  • Showcase Your SketchUp Work

  • Plug-ins and Componenet

  • SketchUp in Different Genre

  • SketchUp Developer’s Place

  • Add Ons of SketchUp

  • SketchUp Challenge

  • News and Happening

  • Make a Wish for SketchUp

  • SketchUp Tutorial

  • SketchUp Tips and Tricks

  • SketchUp Bugs

In these sub forums there are lots of threads created by the members. In the sub forum, Showcase Your SketchUp Work  the members can post the examples of their SketchUp Works and can get suggetion on it. SketchUp Talk arranges a monthly SketchUp Challenge. The participants can post as many SketchUp images as they want under the month’s thread of SketchUp Challenge sub forum. And the best part of the SketchUp Challenge is that the best image choose by our moderators will be on the cover page of the next month’s Sketchup Ur Space. So this will be a big opportunity for for everyone to get a platform for their future work.

And there are some people without whom our dream to build SketchUp Talk would not be possible. Friends like Nomer Adona, James Ogston, Ferry Suiganto, Oscar Rottink, Francis Rex Ariz Lobusta, Jamal Alhaj, Georgio Axellano and many more always help and encourage us to create a platform like SketchUp Talk. And there is a man, a friend, a guide and a philosopher without whom there would be no SketchUp Talk, and he is James Hannigan, the co-founder of SketchUpArtists and Super Moderator of SketchUp Talk. James is always there whenever we sought for help.

Ferry Suganto told that; “This Sketchup Talk is very great forum for people who want to learn more basic/advanced about sketchup world. it's not about how to make a model, but even the environment that support us when we are focuss on sketchup software, such counting the structure, etc. For people who wants to show off your render or learning more about rendering, here is the right place, because you will get interaction with other people, receiving comments and critics that is good for your improvement. So, come and join with us ! ..”
When we asked Mr James Hanningan why he choose to moderate SketchUp Talk he said: “Well because I know the team behind the project and how successful they are and the wealth of expertise that they can bring to the SketchUp community, both in helping the Newbie and inspiring the experienced modeler, and any additional SketchUp resource has got to be a good thing for anyone involved in 3D modeling and SketchUp.”

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