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In This Festive Season Redesign your Home in a New Way…

In This Festive Season Redesign your Home in a New Way

In the festive season everybody wants to give a new look to his or her house or apartment. We want a break from the boring, monotonous daily appearance of our residences and give it a jovial, colorful look matching to the festive season. But in our busy lives, it is very hard to make time for tedious planning work. And without doing planning, the redesigning of home will be jumbled up. It would be boon for everyone, if we get such a tool by which we can make proper planning smoothly as well as quickly in 3D. Believe it or not, this is now possible! Give a big thanks to the magical designing tool from the house of Google, named SketchUp who makes prompt and accurate drawing possible even on the time of coming back from office.

Do you want to know how this wonderful tool works? And how do you will get help from it? SketchUp is a 3D designing tool and take my word that it is very easy to use. You can do all the stuffs by yourself after experiencing a few tutorials available in various SketchUp sites. Now you can redesign your drawing room, kitchen, bed room; visualize furniture placements; choose new colors for rooms. You can easily design the floor plan of our house. Here are your guidelines to redesigning your home for this festive season in Google SketchUp:

  • First of all, take a decision on how do you redesign your room. You can take help from various interior designing magazine or online website. It is your decision that how the house will look after final outcome. After deciding the plan, you may draw a rough floor plan just to get help in drawing 3D design.
  • Then, take careful measurements of the rooms of the house. After gathering all the measurements, list down the things of room you want to change. And don’t forget the things you will like to add for the room.
  • Now you can start SketchUp. Just after opening this you will get a human figure on your computer monitor. It is there to act as relative sizing reference to your room. You can delete this if you want to.
  • Select the ‘Line’ tool from the tool bar to use it in drawing the floor plan of your house. After that the ‘Push/Pull’ tool is needed to raise the shape of your room in correct height. You can get the reference of the measurement from the numeric display in the lower right of the screen.
  • Now switch to the ‘Selection” tool and select the top polygon of the room you are designing. Now delete the polygon to have an open view of your room.
  • After selecting the ‘Paint Bucket’ tool from the tool bar, a dialogue box will appear. From this dialogue box, you can choose the perfect color and texture for the room.
  • After painting the wall of your house it is the time to add carpet on the floor. Go to the Windows menu and select the Material menu. A Window will pop out. From the drop down menu select the ‘Carpet and Textile’. From here you can choose a wide variety of carpet and texture. Select the one you like. When you click on the surface you find that it will be filled with that color. 
  • Now click on the ‘Get Model’ icon which will take you to the Google 3D Warehouse. From the Warehouse, you can download furniture of your choice and building component like window, door or curtain for your room. You can also find some indoor plants from here. Now you can resize your models and place those where you want to. Now you can save your work and also share it in Google Warehouse.

There are a few websites from where you can get help in your redesigning work. Our is one of those websites. So, just forget all your worry and give your home a new look without any headache about planning.

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