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Sketchup-ur-space Magazine - June 14

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Tips and Tricks Article

Now days when you open Google Earth you can see thousands of 3D building on it. There are skyscrapers, palaces, heritage buildings and many more 3D structures on the virtual globe. In near future you don't need 80 days to around the world rather only 80 seconds! So now don't waste your time and learn how quickly you can make 3D models of buildings on Google Earth. To work on Google Building Maker first thing you need is a Google Earth plug in.

The first thing you should do is to launch Building Maker within your web browser from The Building Maker Location Picker appears then. Now you have to choose a location. To do this you have to go to the VIEWER mode and have a look of the terrain. Click on a place marker to zoom in to the location where you would like to create a building. For example, click on the place marker near Albuquerque, New Mexico. Optionally, you can click on 'Available locations' drop-down list and select a city or type a location in the search box to find a location. The map zooms in on the location. The location where you can create a building is shaded in white. The cursor is shaped like a hand indicating that you can pan your view. It will be better to start modeling from the lowest point on the building footprint. Now you can switch back to the EDIT mode and start with the first block at the lowest part of the terrain.

Now you have many images at your disposal, so ensure that you use only the best, most distinct spots to choose a constrained point. Constrain the high points, but after you set the low points, i.e. the points closest to the ground, RIGHT-CLICK on the point and REMOVE CONSTRAINT. It is easy to prevent your block from floating above the terrain.

After that you have constrained some very high quality points, just switch back to VIEWER mode. And just orbit around your block to ensure not to get a floater. If you are satisfied with your model so far just Save it and fill up the basic details.

Now just place the next block and repeat the same process and remember or choose only the sharpest point to constrain. Again view the model in Viewer mode thoroughly and save it.

Now it is the turn to Snap. Use the imagery to accurately place the block to the best of your ability. Then turn on the Snapping Mode and navigate to the common corners and edges, snapping them as you go. You may turn off snapping when you are not using it otherwise your points will always be looking for something to snap to. When your block is set, your points are snapped then switch to Viewer again, orbit and examine as usual. If everything checks out, just Save your model.

You can also take help of SketchUp. Now SketchUp 8 is compatible to direct launch Building Maker within it. SketchUp is used to do the further modification. To do this first of all download the model of the building from 3D Warehouse. After doing the modification click on the Share Model button and the modified model is uploaded back in the Warehouse. Now you can have a virtual 3D model of building of your choice.

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