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Sketchup-ur-space Magazine - June 14

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Interviewer - Rajib Dey

Rendezvous with Javier Wainstein, 3D Artist and master builder from Argentina

Hello! Welcome to the space of sketchup ur space. Tell something about your profession & background.

Hello, first of all I want to thank the people who make this site and this interview possible. It is a pleasure and an honor to participate.

I am Master Builder, and study Industrial Design. I am dedicated to architectural and I specialize in interiors. I work with studios, architects and designers.

How did you first get acquainted with sketchup?

In high school I met SketchUp. I started to use it to pass the time, but then I was discovering his potential. And then I met different tools and plugins, and so I was improving my work and letting me know.

You have expertise in accomplishing several rendering project. How sketchup is useful for interior and exterior rendering?

SketchUp is useful for great reason: It's simple.

Simple does not mean bad. Simple can mean good, better, efficient, pleasant, friendly.

I think SketchUp is very useful for quick presentations from external volumetrics, and masterplans, to high-quality renderings of interior spaces. Is very wide and can achieve good results with many of their tools.

Dormitorio Hall

Dormitorio Hall

Sketchup has several rendering plugins and according to you, which is the best for rendering work?

I have tried many, but I think that Vray is the best, at least for my needs. It is powerful, and once it fails to understand, is simple.

What are the difficult parts of sketchup?


Although more and you can see more plugins to model, in this aspect SketchUp is left behind. Logically it takes practice, but it is an aspect of the program should be improved.

Another problem, more technical, is stability. In SketchUp is common the collapse and closure by a bug. It's a real pain that they can not even fix this point, and the x64 version of the program.

Sketchup 2014 is just released. What are the new and most thrilling features in this latest release?

I have not thoroughly tested, but has been enhanced rendering shadows.

That aspect I think is progress.

The new Warehouse, personally, I do not like. I liked the previous one.

I really should try more thorough version 2014 to see what's new, that's all I know.

Dormitorio Interior Escandinavo

Dormitorio Interior Escandinavo

You have completed several projects with sketchup. Which project gave you complete satisfaction and which was most challenging?

Satisfaction give me all projects able to sum up with a satisfied customer. At the beginning or sometimes no doubt many laps, but once the work is completed, I'm glad I made the effort.

As for the challenges, constantly faced. A few days ago I had to work with an outdoor scene with lots of greenery, this was a challenge as I do not have a very powerful PC. I could finish the job, and I felt comfortable with the result.

Besides sketchup, what other rendering software do you apply in your projects?

Just use three programs, SketchUp, Vray and Photoshop.

Who inspired you to become a successful 3D artist?

Who inspired me?

The magnificent artists that are out there, from architects and designers, to photographers and colleagues.

What is the most crucial characteristic of 3d graphics?

I think the most imporant characteristic is the detail. The detail is crucial.

From modeling a character for animation, to rendering an architectural space. The detail is the difference.

Dormitorio Moderno

Dormitorio MyWorld 4

What do you think is the future of Sketchup?

I think the future of SketchUp will be very exciting. In a few years it has been positioned as a great 3D modeling program, has challenged and achieved their tasks.

I do not know what specific changes will you have the program, but I'm sure it will be for good and will take you on a good path.

What’s your advice for becoming a successful 3D artist?

Practicing a lot, and observe a lot.

It never fails.

What suggestions do you want to provide for our magazine?

Since I'm Hispanic, a Spanish version of the page would seem to me useful to readers of other languages.

Dormitorio Museo

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