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Sketchup-ur-space Magazine - June 14

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Sketchup Plugin Review

Raylectron SketchyMesh

SketchyMesh is an easy terrain and shape builder. It is based on the formula z=f(x,y) for a grid where you enter your own ruby formula using x and y. Create terrain and shapes from a grid using formulas in the form of z=f(x,y).

You don't need to know math, just modify the ones that comes with the plugin and see what it does. There is an Undo button to easily undo the mesh, so you can change the formula quickly on every turn. You can go the "View" menu and turn on "Hidden Geometry".

You can download it from it is free with source code but is (c)2012 SoftByte Labs Inc.

All in Ruby with source code.

Downloadable link:

John Friesen - SoftByte Laboratory, Inc.

Raylectron Textures Exporter...

Export all the textures from a model to a directory. As-is, or all as png, jpg or bmp.

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