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Sketchup-ur-space Magazine - June 14

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Interview with David Brufau - The most talented Architect & Architectural Designer from Barcelona, Spain

Hello DB! Welcome to the arena of SketchUp ur space. Make your brief introduction to the SketchUp lovers?

Hello, my name is David and I'm a catalan CG artist from Barcelona. I'm a Sketchup Pro user well a lover must say.

When did you start to utilize SketchUp in 3D field and How?

I started to dive in at version v6 ,but I discovered it one year before while working in a big firm architectural office in Barcelona. They use it basically for competition and for drafting first ideas. Where i still think SU still unique for that task at the moment.

Origami House

Which SketchUp plugins are best for architectural visualization & rendering?

Well, I well i don't know which ones are the bests, because I find there are a lot and very useful that can save you in certain moment but i can tell you which ones I normally use most for that tasks. All the Fredo6 collection ( fredoscale, round corner) are really useful and powerful , also the ones from Thomthom (Edge Tools, Quad Face tools, ) , also tools on surface, and joint push pull are really useful and powerful when doing modeling work. and finally artisan is excellent for more organic modelling.

How SketchUp facilitates exterior and interior rendering?

Well the good thing in sketchup i think is the feed back you get from your screen, I really don't like the programs with 4 different little screens. In SU what you see is what you get. more intuitive and quickly to move cameras or points of views. The other good thing is you get also a magnificent sun and shadow system that allows you to control your light in your scene in just few clicks.

VPO Interiod

In your professional career which project seemed to be most challenging?

Well i had to model a mosque in about just a week with all the details , there I really learn how important are shortcuts when modeling.

Who are your inspirations in 3D work?

Alex Roman really shock me when I saw his film. But there are also great artists out there , as Bertrand Benoit, Ramon Zancanaro, also superquality firms as dbox, Hayes Davidson, Mir, Luxigon and a lot more.

Point out some obstacles with SketchUp which you face in your professional work?

Sometimes is difficult to deal with big models with lots of geometry, I recently saw a video from Skechup basecamp that can guide us how to deal better with that. The use of layers for visualizing just some parts of the model I think is a great idea.

Tell us something about your achievements and awards which you received in your professional career.

Well my most important achievements is being surrounded by great people that had help me a lot in the learning of sketchup and vray softwares, I really want to thank my two friends and mentors Sir Normer Adona, and Fernando Rentas.

Comp n05

What suggestions do you want to provide for newbie 3d modelers and rendering artists?

Keep your model clean and organized, use Outliner and layers in combination.

What will be your suggestions to the team of SketchUp ur space?

Keep rocking and doing that necessary information and divulgation work for Sketchup users, and also the newbie ones.

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