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K-12 SketchUp The New Way To Make Study Interesting

We live in a world of 3D. Everything happens here not in 2D but in three dimensions. But most of the learning in our school is in 2D means the pen and paper or simple text book learning. The students in real life facing problems in 3D and his or her knowledge in plain 2D can not support always. So why not allow them to use three dimensional tool to solve the problem of the real 3D world. In this way the students can explore a new and interesting method of learning.

Suppose in a class room the teacher is teaching the ancient history. The students, inhabitants of the modern world are facing problem to imagine the ancient time. In this case, there is an easy solution both for the teacher and students. And the solution is no other than Google SketchUp. With the help of the SketchUp the teachers can bring the boring study live on the monitor and the students can have a better understanding. For this purpose Googol launches the K-12 program. 

K-12 is a program of Google SketchUp in which the educators and students of all over the world used SketchUp to ‘explore, explain and present’ the world in 3dimension. It is believed that many of the technological innovation in education are more engaging than empowering for students. And SketchUp is one of the technical innovations which have both the engaging and empowering attributes. Thus SketchUp has been introduced to the school level to make course of study more engaging, fun filled and interesting.

Now is the question that what the K-12 Program is. We know that you have to purchase the SketchUp Pro license. In K-12 program Google grant statewide basis SketchUp Pro educational licenses to school to allow the teacher to access this fantastic learning tool without any cost. The SketchUp users in K-12 Education can choose between Google SketchUp (the free version) or SketchUp Pro Version that is free for the educators and some cases granted for students and schools. It is recommended from Google that it is good to use free version as students can download and practice SketchUp at home.

K-12 SketchUp The New Way To Make Study Interesting

All states of United States and international equivalent are eligible to get the grant. The K-12 educators get a lab license and a set of single user educator license in this package. The Networked Lab License is intended to install on computers in a networked lab situation and also are floating network licenses. Google is generating one license code for each platform both for the Windows and Mac which can be distributed among all the districts or school for installing in their own labs. The Windows network installations require one of the machines on the network to act as a license server and on the other hand the other computers must be able to see that machine on the network in order for the Lab License to work. And in Mac network no license server is required. Many schools have laptop facility for their students. In that scenario, Google can help them by providing license for that as well. The license codes are given for 3 years and upon expiration the educators can apply for renew of the license.

The teachers of the K-12 program can avail Public training from the Authorized Training Centre (ATC) near their places, or ca schedule private training session at the faculty, or can learn from various useful online tutorials or go for self paced tutorial.

As the 20th century learning is all about reality. Reality is the only thing which helps the students to understand the concept of what they are reading. It is far more interesting to draw the 3D model of the historical building than to attend a boring lecture. SketchUp is the time machine for everyone; it can take you to a ride to the ancient time where you can vividly experience the old palaces, old roads and many more things on Google Earth. Not only history but also geography, geometry and wood working can be learnt through Google SketchUp.

Recently Google grant new phase of K-12 SketchUp. in this way they are giving chance to learn and use SketchUp to every students. They have given grant to eight new US states which means now there are 27 states which have the grants. In the new list there are two Canadian provinces, one country in UK and the entire nation of New Zealand. The new US states are California, Vermont, South Dakota, Georgia, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Oklahoma, and Maryland. New Brunswick and Manitoba are the Canadian provinces and the UK County is Cambridgeshire.

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